Child Safety Information

Woodhouse Grove Kindergarten is committed to being a child safe organisation and has zero tolerance for child abuse.

The focus of our work is with children aged 3-5 years.  We recognise our legal and moral responsibilities in keeping children and young people safe from harm and promoting their best interests.  We have specific policies, procedures and training in place to support our employees and volunteers to achieve these commitments.  In our environment all children have a voice and are listened to, their views are respected and they actively contribute to the planning and development of our kindergarten program and its environment.

We are committed to:

1.Taking a preventative, proactive and participatory approach to child safety

2.Valuing and empowering children to participate in decisions which affect their lives

3.Fostering a culture of openness that supports all of the Woodhouse Grove Community –  including Educators, families, children, volunteers and visitors to safely disclose risks of harm to children.

4.Respecting diversity in cultures and child rearing practices while keeping child safety paramount

5.Educators are aware of and committed to all policies relating to appropriate conduct and behaviour towards children

6. Engaging high quality staff and volunteer supervision and professional development

7. Ensuring that we continuously build and maintain relationships that encourage children to feel a sense of belonging and know their voice is valued and their feelings validated.

8. Reporting suspected abuse, neglect or mistreatment promptly to the appropriate authorities as per our policy guidelines.

9. Sharing information appropriately and lawfully with other organisations where the safety and wellbeing of children is at risk

10. Valuing the input of families and communicating regularly with them.

Policies that guide our practices in child safety include:
Early Childhood Australia Code of Ethics
Education and Care Services National Regulations
Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010
Woodhouse Grove Policies:

  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Code of Conduct
  • Inclusion and equity
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Participation of volunteers and students
  • Staffing
  • Determining responsible persons
  • Incident, Injury, trauma and illness
  • Supervision of children
  • Interactions with children
  • Child safe environment

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At Woodhouse Grove Kindergarten we want the children to know they can try it themselves, be themselves, celebrate diversity, play fair, look after the world, feel safe and enjoy their kindergarten journey.   We see children as individuals who each have their own interests, ideas and perspectives.  We believe in empowering the children to grow, take on risks, work independently, build resilience and express themselves in many ways.  We offer the children new learning experiences and develop new skills whilst enabling them to make choices, develop their independence and feel a sense of pride and achievement.

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