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Woodhouse Grove Kindergarten was established by a volunteer group of local community members in 1958.  In 2018, we celebrate 60 years of continuous education to the preschoolers of Box Hill North and surrounds.  The official date of its opening is recorded as 11 August 1958.

Woodhouse Grove Kindergarten is now an Incorporated Association, operated by a Committee of Management made up of a group of volunteer parents from the Kinder community as it has done for the last 60 years.  Working in collaboration with the teaching staff, the Committee oversees the day-to-day running of the kindergarten and works towards improving the facility. The Committee is the manager of the service and employer of all staff. Each new Committee aims to build on the achievements of previous Committees, supporting our wonderful educators to provide our children with excellent pre-school experiences.

How could you be involved?  Below, you will find a summary of the various committee roles and we warmly invite you to consider a place on next year’s Committee that is elected at the AGM.  We also have fundraising activities, working bees, social events and EVERYONE is encouraged to be involved throughout the year.

Why Join?

Most parents have joined the Committee to be part of their child’s education and to actively participate in the running of the service.  All are busy people, and most find it challenging at times to juggle the many responsibilities of parenting, work commitments and volunteering. However, they also report the experience to be very rewarding and a great opportunity to get to know other parents while making a valued contribution to the kindergarten community.

Committee meetings need to be run efficiently and effectively, so that all Committee members can actively participate in discussion and decision-making.

An effective Committee can be characterised by:

  • Open communication with information sharing and feedback on progress.
  • A sense of co-operation and sharing of skills/ ideas and a feeling of trust within the team.
  • A feeling of belonging and a sense of responsibility and loyalty to the team.
  • Having clear goals and everyone having an understanding of their own role.

Committees work best when members accept their responsibilities, give the required time for each role and are committed to making the Committee work.

Responsible Committee members:

  • Regularly attend monthly Committee meetings
  • Remain up to date and informed on current issues (reading the agenda, newsletters, reports etc).
  • Follow correct meeting procedure and maintain confidentiality of Committee information.
  • Respect others right to express their opinions and be heard.
  • Share responsibility and respect the decisions made by the Committee.
  • Abide by service policies and be respectful of their position ie: expect no special privileges.

To nominate for a position on the Committee, please contact the current Secretary and ask for a nomination form.  There will also be a nomination form in your enrolment pack.

Current Committee Executive & Contact Information

Position Executive Committee Member Email
President Hannah McGuigan
Vice President Sally Morgan
Secretary Xuan Lee
Treasurer Le-Ing Ong

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Please call us to organise a tour with one of our educators or if you have any questions.

112 Woodhouse Grove
Box Hill North VIC 3129

03 9898 1994

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Our Kindergarten

At Woodhouse Grove Kindergarten we want the children to know they can try it themselves, be themselves, celebrate diversity, play fair, look after the world, feel safe and enjoy their kindergarten journey.   We see children as individuals who each have their own interests, ideas and perspectives.  We believe in empowering the children to grow, take on risks, work independently, build resilience and express themselves in many ways.  We offer the children new learning experiences and develop new skills whilst enabling them to make choices, develop their independence and feel a sense of pride and achievement.

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