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At Woodhouse Grove Kindergarten we see children as:
  • Active contributors to our kindergarten community. We value them as decision makers who are capable of actively contributing to their own knowledge, growth and learning.  We passionately believe that play is the fundamental way the children learn.  Through an inquiry based ‘play’ approach children actively engage with people and begin to understand the world around them through communication, discovery, imagination and creativity.
  • Individuals who each have their own interests, ideas and perspectives. We believe in empowering the children to grow, take on risks, world independently, build resilience and express themselves in many ways.  We offer the children new learning experiences and develop new skills whilst enabling them to make choices, develop their independence and feel a sense of pride and achievement.
  • Competent learners and we therefore commit to high expectations for every child. All children learn and develop when they are given the opportunity to express their opinions, to question ideas and concepts, and to be praised for their input.
  • Unique individuals which is why we encourage the development of the whole child by supporting them as they develop their sense of belonging, being and becoming.
  • Partners in their learning journey and therefore offer an environment where children feel respected and are encouraged to respect others and become socially responsible citizens.
  • Active and creative citizens with rights. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child are upheld and respected at Woodhouse Grove Kindergarten. (Click Here to open the UN document).
Most importantly we want the children at Woodhouse Grove Kindergarten to feel like they can try it themselves, be themselves, celebrate diversity, play fair, look after the world, feel safe and enjoy their kindergarten journey.


As educators:
  • We believe in an inclusive approach to the kindergarten program, ensuring all children are treated equally and respected as individuals.
  • We strive to meet the individual needs and extend the interests and skills of each individual child.
  • We share our knowledge and skills with other members of our educational team, the community and the children to ensure we provide a high quality program that has been reflected in our overall assessment of Exceeding National Quality Standards.
  • We believe in embracing spontaneous teachable moments and believe that learning can be done anywhere, anytime through thoughtful conversations and interactions with children.
  • We observe interests and skills to assess, plan and document each individual child’s learning as well as group learning.
  • We believe in developing respectful relationships not only with the children but with other staff members, families, the committee and the wider community. We welcome family participation in our program and appreciate any input and contribution from families into our program.
We believe as educators that we ourselves learn every day from the beautiful children we teach.


At Woodhouse Grove Kindergarten we:
  • Strive to provide a welcoming, open and respectful community for all families to become a part of.
  • Are inclusive of all cultures and heritage and strive to learn more about the diversity within our community. We encourage families to share their experiences and aim for our program to reflect the wide range of cultural backgrounds and heritage.
  • Are inclusive of all family structures and supportive of individual needs.
  • Invite families to be active and involved participants in the program and share their knowledge experiences, and skills with the community. As we develop strong partnerships with families, we listen and learn from each other, building on our knowledge and experiences.
  • Value and respect family’s roles and support families throughout their journey at Woodhouse Grove Kindergarten. Family’s perspectives are respected and acknowledged, and open communication is paramount.
  • Value respectful and effective partnerships with families where expectations and goals are mutual and openly communicated.
  • Continuously build on relationships with community services to strengthen and grow our knowledge and links within the local community.
  • Value opportunities to engage children and families with the wider community, for example: going on excursions and walks, inviting community members to visit the kinder, researching our local community and more.


At Woodhouse Grove Kindergarten we believe that both the indoor and outdoor environments play a vital role in supporting learning and promoting physical wellbeing.  Our environment:
  • Is a welcoming space that reflects and enriches the lives and identities of the children, families and educators participating in the setting and responds to their interests.
  • Promotes sustainable practices by empowering our children to understand how they can have a real impact on our environment. –  The children are encouraged to bring lunches with minimal to no packaging. –  Through our recycling system the children participate in authentic recycling allowing children to explore landfill, recyclables and compost. –  Our ‘Sustainability Garden’ is planned and cared for by our children. The children are encouraged to make a connection between the growing, harvesting and cooking of our produce.
  • Values Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island cultures. We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land, the Wurundjeri-Balluk Tribe (now known as the Wurundjeri) at the beginning of each kindergarten session.  We also ensure that the play spaces are set up with natural and authentic resources for the children to explore.
  • Encompasses all areas of development. We ensure provocations are inclusive, safe, inviting and age appropriate therefore providing the children with a stimulating environment where they can learn through play, and grow and develop at their own pace.  We provide an active learning environment in which children are encouraged to naturally explore the environment, encouraging understanding through their experiences and social interactions with others. Offers children the freedom of movement between our three spaces, i.e. the outdoor environment; the creative space (Grove Room) and the imaginative space (Garden Room).  It is a rich and stimulating environment with materials that respect the children’s learning.
  • Is a flexible learning environment which changes and adapts to the children’s needs. All provocations are set up with the flexibility for extension and reshaping, to accommodate children’s progress.
  • Is thoughtfully planned for by our Educators. Through meaningful conversations our Educators plan the environment based on the children’s current interests, goals and strengths.

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