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Angela is one of our 4 year old Teachers and Director & Educational Leader of Woodhouse Grove Kindergarten.

Angela is passionate about building strong connections with children, families and colleagues by creating a collaborative environment. One that supports curiosity, and a love of learning using a strengths-based approach, so all children can thrive and reach their full potential.

Kerry Cardwell is one of our 4 year old teachers at Woodhouse Grove Kindergarten.

“I have always worked in early childhood programs with children and enjoy seeing how much they grow and mature in their kinder years.  I am passionate about taking children into the outdoors and the community and encouraging them to explore the wider world around them.  I also like to set up interesting learning spaces for children to explore and learn in through self-directed play.  I enjoy working in a team environment with the other educators using our strengths to give the children lots of learning opportunities.”

Maria is one of our 3 year old Teachers at Woodhouse Grove Kindergarten.

“I am passionate about play based learning that is guided by children’s interests and I love the variety and challenge that each day brings. 

I believe that respectful, caring and collaborative relationships with both children and families make for a wonderful kindergarten experience.”

Carmen is one of our 3 year old Educators at Woodhouse Grove Kindergarten.

“New to Woodhouse Grove in 2019 (although I’ve been in the field for many years) I feel very grateful and happy to be working at such a caring, inclusive and vibrant service.

Watching children learn and grow, and playing some part in that is extremely satisfying, as well as fun!
I have 2 teenage girls and we all love animals, music and crafting”.

Emily is one of our 3 year old Teachers and an Educator in the 4 year old groups at Woodhouse Grove Kindergarten.

“I feel so blessed to be working at Woodhouse Grove Kindergarten having been a past parent and committee member. When my family moved to Box Hill North in 2007, this kinder provided a place for us to meet other families and to become part of our local community.  Our whole family loved the kinder experience.  It also provided a beautiful place for our two children to expand their horizons. Now, I am able to help your children expand their horizons, to build their skills and to explore their world. I view this as a great privilege and joy. 
I have a background in zoology and swim teaching and am passionate about helping children engage with the natural world. I can often be found looking for insects, birds and other animals wherever I am, and for holidays, my family and I love travelling to explore Australia’s wild places and camping”.

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Our Kindergarten

At Woodhouse Grove Kindergarten we want the children to know they can try it themselves, be themselves, celebrate diversity, play fair, look after the world, feel safe and enjoy their kindergarten journey.   We see children as individuals who each have their own interests, ideas and perspectives.  We believe in empowering the children to grow, take on risks, work independently, build resilience and express themselves in many ways.  We offer the children new learning experiences and develop new skills whilst enabling them to make choices, develop their independence and feel a sense of pride and achievement.

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